Danny Peyronel (born Daniel Augusto Peyronel, 1953, Buenos Aires) is a singer, songwriter, keyboard player and producer of Northern Italian and Southern French origin, best known for his work in rock groups such as the Heavy Metal Kids and UFO. He studied in the Manuel Belgrano school in the Belgrano neighborhood (barrio) within Buenos Aires proper. He grew up all over the world, but mostly in London, England.

Early years

He made his debut with the Heavy Metal Kids at London’s Marquee Club in 1973. After recording two albums and world tours, Peyronel left the Kids in 1975 to join UFO as their first keyboard player where he also sang harmony vocals. Peyronel contributed to the song-writing as well, e.g. “Highway Lady” from the No Heavy Petting album. UFO later released a live album from the period when Peyronel was in the band called On With The Action, which was recorded live at London’s The Roundhouse. His songs from that period have been included in several UFO compilations and a recent EMI re-issue of the now seminal album “No Heavy Petting” credits him with initiating a change in the band’s direction, which continued after his departure. His ballad “Martian Landscape”, stands as one of UFO’s most haunting and memorable pieces, and the all-out rocker “Can You Roll Her”, as well as “On With The Action”, appear to have stood the test of time.
After leaving UFO in July 1976 following several tours of the US, Europe and the UK, Peyronel formed his own band The Blue Max and recorded an album for Charisma Records. His main partner was Robin Millar on guitars and vocals. After a major tour of the UK, Peyronel left England and went off on a whirlwind of writing, producing and guest starring all over the world before returning to the UK. During this time he wrote the title track of Meat Loaf’s “Midnight at the Lost and Found” and the only hit to emerge from that album and be included perennialy in nearly every Meat Loaf compilation, including the platinum selling “Hits Out Of Hell”. He also guest starred on and co-produced a live album by Riff, South America’s leading hard-rock band, and, in the same region, produced the first major hit album by Virus, a band that would dominate the rock-pop scene in those parts for many years.

The 1980s and 1990s

Back in the UK, Peyronel wrote the words to “Fear”, which was included in Sade‘s second, multi-platinum album, Promise. He participated on an album by Nick Mason from Pink Floyd and Rick Fenn from 10 CC – the Mason-Fenn album Profiles; he co-wrote the only two songs with vocals and sang the lead vocal on one of them, “Israel”, while Dave Gilmour from Pink Floyd sang “Lie For A Lie”, a hit in many territories.
Peyronel settled in Madrid, Spain, in 1984, where he guest-starred on an album by Banzai, a band led by Salvador Domínguez. Dominguez, Danny Peyronel and brother Michel, started jamming together and out of this came Tarzen, a power-house band. They signed to ATCO Records and toured the US with Twisted Sister, and Europe and South America on their own. After two albums and nearly five years together, the group split up and Peyronel moved to Los Angeles where he dabbled at songwriting and collaborating with Desmond Child, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Cher. He also produced a demo for a young local band called Razzle, who later became well known worldwide as Lit.

Present day

Peyronel relocated to Milan, and assembled a band to cut his debut solo album, Make The Monkey Dance, which was released in 2005. Musicians involved included Sinergia guitarist Luca Verde, bass player Max Zaccaro and drummer Mario Zapparoli. The album included re-workings of UFO’s “Highway Lady” and Meat Loaf’s “Midnight At The Lost And Found”.
Peyronel then put together a new line-up of the Heavy Metal Kids, singing lead vocals and writing. In 2003, they released Hit The Right Button.
Peyronel lives in London and the South of France and is preparing for a tour of the USA and Canada, followed by South America and Europe, to coincide with a major re-issue of “Make The Monkey Dance” on Angel Air Records.

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